Cancer pancreas stage 4

Analiza supravieţuirii în cancerul pancreatic operabil şi neoperabil

Chirurgia Bucur ; 3 :May-Jun.

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Article En MEDLINE ID: mdl Introduction: National databases for pancreaticoduodenectomies PD have contributed to better postoperative outcomes after such complex surgical procedure because the multicentre collection of data allowed more reliable analyses with quality assessment and further improvement of technical cancer pancreas stage 4 and perioperative management.

The current practice and outcomes after PD are poorly known in Romania because there was no national database for these patients.

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Thus, in a national-intent electronic registry for PD was proposed for all Romanian surgical centers. The study aims to present the preliminary results of this national-intent registry for PD after one-year enrollment.

Patients Methods: The database was started on October 1st, Data were cancer pancreas stage 4 collected with an electronic online form including items for each patient.

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The registry was opened to all the Departments of Surgery from Romania performing PD, with no restriction. Results: During the first year of enrollment were collected the data of patients with PD performed by 24 surgeons from four surgical centers.

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The age of patients was 64 years 28 - 81 yearswith slightly male predominance Computed tomography was the main preoperative imaging investigation All the PDs were performed by an open approach. A posterior approach PD was considered in The stomach was used to treat the distal remnant pancreas in Cancer pancreas stage 4 operative time was min - minand the estimated blood loss was ml 80 - ml.

The overall morbidity rate was The overall pancreatic fistula, delayed gastric emptying and hemorrhage rates were Periampullary malignancies were the main indications for PD Conclusions: To build a prospective electronic online database for PD in Romania appears to be a feasible project and a useful cancer pancreas stage 4 to know the current practice cancer pancreas stage 4 outcomes after PD in our country.

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However, improvements are still required to encourage a larger number of surgical centers to introduce the data of patients with PD.