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Are all ureteroceles the same? Ureteroceles vary widely in terms of severity and location. Some ureteroceles can be virtually nonexistent while others can take up the entire bladder.

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The severity of a ureterocele depends on its size and the subsequent degree of obstruction it causes. Severe: A larger ureterocele can lead to more severe blockage of the flow of urine.

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This can cause problems such as urinary tract infectionsvesicoureteral reflux and even kidney damage. Causes What causes bladder cancer genetic factors The exact reason why a child develops a ureterocele is not known.

The condition does run in families, so researchers assume there is a genetic component, but specific genes have not been isolated.

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Signs and symptoms What are the symptoms of a ureterocele? Severe Larger ureteroceles can cause a variety of symptoms; by far the most common is a urinary tract infection   UTI.

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Common symptoms of UTI in children include: fever pain or burning with urination strong or foul odor to the urine sudden onset of frequent urination enuresis wetting during the day and night A large ureterocele can also bladder cancer genetic factors one or more of the following symptoms in your child: a bulge in the abdomen area if the ureterocele is obstructing urine from leaving the bladder.