Abdominal cancer types,

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Leave a comment     share Discovering how stomach cancer spreads A cancer cell. Cancer of the stomach is the second most common cause of death due to malignant disease worldwide Scientists at the University of Liverpool have abdominal cancer types that the abdominal cancer types of a protein that prevents the growth and spread of cancerous cells is impaired in patients with gastric cancer.

abdominal cancer types

Cancer of the stomach is the second most common cause of death due to malignant disease worldwide. New research findings at Liverpool, however, could contribute to the development of future gastric cancer therapies by restoring the functions of a protein called, TGFβig-h3.

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Development of future therapies The protein is released by cells called myofibroblasts, which form part abdominal cancer types the supporting tissue around cancer cells. Myofibroblasts are highly mobile cells that produce and release multiple substances that change cancer behaviour by altering their environment, leading to the abdominal cancer types and spread of cancerous cells.

abdominal cancer types

Scientists at Liverpool have now discovered that in tumours of advanced gastric cancer abdominal cancer types, the myofibroblasts decrease the release of a protein that would normally inhibit the growth and spread of the disease. This allows targeting of treatments to the area, but in advanced stages of the disease the effects of this protein are diminished, increasing the risk of the disease spreading to other parts of the body.

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It is published in Carcinogenesis.