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The fetus aquires human shape and the fetal body comes longer. The head is still disproportionally large. The forehead prominent and the occiput is flat.

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The cerebel hemispheres can be seen at 9 weeks. Ossification starts from the occipital bone at 10 weeks.

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The cortex is about 1 mm thick. The lateral ventricles occupy completely the anterior part of the head and cover the diencephalon.

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The mesencephalon gradually moves towards the middle of the brain, the 3rd ventricle becomes narrow, the cerebellar hemispheres fuse in the midline 11 to 12 weeks. Fetal heart rate is around beats per minute.

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The motion of the atrioventricular valves and the atrial and ventricular septa may hpv warts between toes visible at 10 weeks. All cardiac structures can be visualized at the hpv warts between toes of the 11th week.

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Maximum herniation of the bowel is detectable at the beginning of the 10th week starting at the end of the 8th week. The ossification centers of the spine and the long bones start being visible at 10 weeks. The ossification of the spine begins at the level of the cervical vertebrae and spreads caudally to the thoracic and lumbosacral areas during weeks 12 and Ossification of the metacarpals and metatarsals can be identified at 12 weeks.

The digits and sometimes the toes become visible from 11 weeks. From same category.