Hepatocellular cancer portal vein thrombosis

hepatocellular cancer portal vein thrombosis

Case report: We report a year-old woman with C virus - related cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma and central severe arterioportal shunt, presenting with upper digestive tract hemorrhage and refractory ascites, treated by embolization of the shunt and trans catheter arterial embolization of the tumor.

hepatocellular cancer portal vein thrombosis

Results: After treatment, both ascites and esophageal varices improved, with hepatocellular cancer portal vein thrombosis general status for three months.

Afterwards, a massive esophageal bleeding uncontrolled by emergent endoscopic hemostatic techniques caused rapid deterioration and death.

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Conclusions: Hepatocellular carcinoma with central severe arterioportal shunt is a challenging clinical situation, whose prognosis is influenced mainly by portal hypertension. Embolization of the shunt is the first option to reduce the pressure in the portal system and to ensure the endovascular treatment of the tumor.

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hepatocellular cancer portal vein thrombosis virus papiloma humano beso

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hepatocellular cancer portal vein thrombosis

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hepatocellular cancer portal vein thrombosis

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hepatocellular cancer portal vein thrombosis

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The study was undertaken to evaluate the impact of type II diabetes on patients with hepatocellular carcinoma HCC. Material and methods. This is an observational study conducted in the Department of Oncology, Clinical Emergency County Hospital of Constanţa, for a period of four years, from to A total of patients with HCC were analyzed. The patients were divided in two groups, with and without type II diabetes.

Surgical treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma with severe intra tumoral arterioportal shunt.