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Comentarii The first laparoscopy-assisted gastrectomy for gastric cancer was performed in Japan in From the beginning, it soon became evident that this much less invasive form of gastrectomy, in comparison with traditional open surgery, led to improved quality of life for postsurgical patients, and use of the procedure spread rapidly among gastric surgeons. Early on, however, there were calls for the establishment of standard gastric cancer quality of life and procedures to be followed, with a recognized need to improve the level of safety and the quality of lymph node dissection for local control in cancer treatment.

Toward that end, the Laparoscopy-Assisted  Gastrectomy Club  was formed in In the following year, because both Japan and Korea experience a high rate of gastric cancer, specialists from those two nations gastric cancer quality of life together to form the Japan—Korea  Laparoscopic  Gastrectomy  Joint Seminar, to facilitate and encourage the exchange of vital information.

The result has gastric cancer quality of life to achieve an evolving consensus among specialists in the field of endoscopic surgery in Japan and Korea with expertise that can be shared worldwide.

Gastric Cancer - Minan's Story

A compilation of the current state-of-the-art is now presented in this volume, with accompanying DVD, which will be of great value to all endoscopic surgeons who perform laparoscopic gastrectomy.