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November The development of drug resistance anthelmintic classes human pathogens against commonly used antibiotics has necessitated a search for new antimicrobial substances from other sources including plants. Anthelmintic classes are recognized as a major problem to livestock production throughout tropics.

Most diseases anthelmintic classes by anthelmintic classes are of a chronic and debilitating in nature; they probably cause more morbidity and greater economic and social deprivation among humans and animals than any single group of parasites. Plants are known to produce a variety of compounds to protect themselves against a variety of their pathogens,Helminthes and therefore considered as potential source for different classes of antimicrobial substances.

This book decribes about the phytochemical screening and various invitro activities of Aqueous and Ethanolic root extracts of Asparagus racemosus.

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The extracts of asparagus racemosus has shown anthelmintic classes spectrum of activity against various gram positive and gram negative bacteria. In case of anthelmintic activity the extracts have vermifuge and vermicidal activity. In antioxidant activity have good radical scavenging activity against anthelmintic classes radicals.

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